Little cat-loving man

It should come as no surprise that my three-and-a-half year-old son is a little cat lover. He now worries about every stray cat he sees and wants to adopt them all. There are some feral cats near our train station (they get fed by the locals and I see them regularly peeking out of the greenery, eating cans of food). Just this morning my son said to me, “Mommy! That cat is lonely! He needs a family!” The other day he randomly told me, “I miss Miranda.” (Miranda is his friend’s cat). And he asked me, “Can we get a friend for Charley?” What do you think? Does my elderly, now brother-less tuxedo cat need a new kitty friend? Our vet recommended we get a male kitten if we decide to adopt another cat, and I would really like to adopt an all-black cat, since I have heard they get adopted less due to silly superstitions and whatnot.

3 thoughts on “Little cat-loving man

  1. Yes, Ma’am, please do adopt a black cat! Especially before Halloween! This is going to hurt – but – I know a Feline Rescue & Adoption group in SC, who DO NOT, EVER adopt out Black Cats around Halloween, because Black Cats are still perceived as “witches” “warlocks” or “demons” and these people actually DO HARM to these kitties – to ward off Satan, or some misguided myth, which, in this 21st century, they still cling to.

  2. Debra, I’ve heard that about black cats & Halloween (and THAT is truly scary, someone who would hurt a black cat or any cat). I’m perfectly happy to either adopt a black cat well before or after Halloween time. Also, I am sure anyone who meets me would instantly know that I’m a bona-fide cat lover who would never harm any animal. First of all I would show photos of my happy, healthy 14 year-old tuxedo cat. :)

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