Liberty is missing

I was walking down the street earlier today in Brooklyn when I saw signs for a missing cat. Since I always stop and read missing cat signs (even though they make me upset), I learned that my favorite local store cat is missing (which then made me extra-upset). If you live in the Cobble Hill area, please be on the lookout for Beastly Bite’s Liberty – usually she’s found napping in the store window on Court Street, or hanging around in the store and climbing on customers. She’s really friendly, and all black. If you see her, call 718-522-5133. I snapped this pic with my camera phone but I’ll try to get a better one later.


2 thoughts on “Liberty is missing

  1. It looks like she is back in the window – do you know if they found her? I hope so…

    (I know they have other cats, but yesterday I walked by and saw all three, including a black sikly one that looked like Liberty… and a small crowd watching her.)

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