Konrad and Marlon


Menandcats.com has totally got a thing for orange tabby cats. Oh, how I love them. If I didn’t already have the belly-licking tiger tabby and his brother, the black-and-white menace (who, the other day, was sitting by himself in the bathtub meowing for no apparent reason) I would adopt an orange tabby ASAP!

Anyhow, my lovely and talented friend Rashmi took this great photo of her friend Konrad and feline pal Marlon, although Konrad is not actually Marlon’s “animal manager” any longer. Konrad’s girlfriend (sorry, ladies!) Kim accompanied a friend to the animal shelter recently, where Kim saw Marlon and fell in love (how could she not!?) Even though Kim and Konrad already had a cat, Ingmar, she couldn’t resist bringing Marlon home. Konrad became really attached to Marlon. But alas, Ingmar was none too pleased. He stopped eating and became frail and weak. So Kim and Konrad sadly gave Marlon to a friend. They miss him and hope to visit him next time they’re in Connecticut. Well, Ingmar, you win this time! There is just no arguing with a cat when he insists on getting his way.

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