I think it’s fairly common for people to do “cat voices” for their feline friends. My husband and I do it all the time, and I will often have an entire “conversation” with my cats, with me talking and then doing “cat voice” for the cat (“Hey mom! Fill my bowl! Fill it now!”) Yes, I know. So wrong. Ahem. Anyway… we think Charley is really smart. He is so smart that rather than just saying “fill my bowl!” he also talks about things like U.S. foreign policy, the subprime mortgage crisis, etc. Today Charley was acting really busy, like he had a lot to do, so he “said” (well, my husband said) “OK, I have to fix Citibank now. First order of business, I’m going to re-name it Kittybank.” He’s a genius, that cat (ok, husband) of mine.

One thought on “Kittybank

  1. You ain’t just meowin’ – er, talkin’ – there. If CATS ran the world, it wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in. And there’d be a mouse in every pot. Think of it. 😉

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