Kitty catwalk & condo

Check out this great Catwalk that cat-lovin’ man David built for his feline friend Ginger. David’s wife, Jennifer, says he built the catwalk after he made Ginger a much-loved kitty condo. I wish I had the space to do something like this for my cats!


5 thoughts on “Kitty catwalk & condo

  1. Go Ginger! Go Ginger! You so deserve these luxuries. And yes, would that each and every cat had loving guys like that, to create such amazing and wonderful diversions for their pleasure. Every cat deserves this.

  2. Woaw, this is one spoiled/lucky cat. Hats off to David!! 😀
    It’s a good idea to keep off the cat from your furnitures with breakable stuff on it.

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