Keith & Lulu

This man/cat duo consists of human being Keith and feline Lulu. I think they look like they have very similar expressions on their faces in this photo – clearly they are soulmates. Keith adopted Lulu when she was a kitten and reports she’s now turned into (not suprsingly)… a cat. He says, “I equate the stage she is going through now as her kitty teen years. Rebelling, ripping up stuff, doing things just for spite and then being all warm and cuddly when she wants something. She’s a great cat.” Spoken like a true cat appreciator! Keith gets extra bonus points for adopting Lulu from Brooklyn and for having a good Lester Bangs quote in his e-mail signature.


3 thoughts on “Keith & Lulu

  1. Hooo, they look so cute together, and so… excited! loll

    Keith, way to go man! *thumb up* ;-D

  2. Yeah, way to go, Keith! Lulu is a cutie and you are fortunate indeed to be able to share life with such a teen hottie. 😉

  3. Lulu seems so cute…My daughter always ask me to buy get her a kitten. But I have not bought her as I think she is to young and I’m to busy to have a cat in our house.

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