June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!

Did you know that June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month?

The American Humane Society is running this campaign along with 9 Lives cat food to encourage people to adopt a shelter cat during June. According to American Humane’s website, “Every spring and summer, animal shelters receive dozens of litters of kittens. These kittens are in addition to all the adult cats who find their way into the shelters. Animal shelters don’t have the space or the resources to take care of that many animals. Out of the millions of cats who enter shelters each year, only about one in four are adopted into loving homes. In fact, most of them — more than 70 percent of them — must be euthanized.” They also have a great list of reasons to adopt a cat, such as “Cats will cuddle up with you on a cold evening” and “A cat’s purr is instantly calming and relaxing.”

So if you don’t have a feline friend in your life, adopt a cat this June! Better yet, adopt two so your furry companions will never be lonely.

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