Judd, Jack and Schmoo

Judd’s wife, Cynthia, sent along these photos of Judd with their cat Jack and their oldest cat, Schmoo.

Cynthia already had Schmoo living with her before meeting Judd, but Judd thought Schmoo needed a friend — so they adopted Bean, a Maine Coon mix, to keep him company. Then Cynthia began volunteering at the ASPCA, fostering pregnant cats and mom cats with litters of kittens. From one of these litters came Panda and Cosmo (Judd insisted on keeping two kittens rather than one). Jack came from another foster litter. Judd and Cynthia also have several foster cats, including Bessie, Ollie and Chris.

All in all, Cynthia and Judd share their lives – and their home – with eight cats!


Judd and Jack



Judd and Schmoo

3 thoughts on “Judd, Jack and Schmoo

  1. BEAUTIFUL pix and great story! Way to go, Judd! REAL men DO love cats. Always have, always will. 😉

  2. Ho, that’s so nice. Thank you Judd. And cute pics, specially the one with Schmoo ;-D, how lovely. ^^

  3. Hi, just read your story after making a search for schmoo on the web. I had a black cat called schmoo that was sadly put to sleep last friday (15th of jan 09) he was 18 years old and was a real star. He will be missed by all the family but most of all by me. Rest in peace old friend.

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