Jim and Annalise

Jim adopted Annalise from a shelter after his wife’s cat of 15 years had suddenly passed away. Jim and his wife saw the lovely Annalise, a Snow Shoe Siamese, at a shelter when she was less than a year old. ┬áJim says, “I went and got her out of her 2nd story cat apartment and knew she was the one. An hour later, at home I put her under a ‘blanket fort’ on the couch so she could get her bearings. Since then I’ve become a ‘Mom’ of sorts to her and she adopted me … and I don’t mind a bit.” Annalise will turn 3 years old this December. What a happy “tail” for Annalise and Jim!


4 thoughts on “Jim and Annalise

  1. Annalise looks a lot like my snowshoe rescue, Sishya. Jim is a lucky guy. But then, HE knows THAT.

  2. Jim is my dear brother and I have yet to meet the beautiful Annalise in purr-son! (we live half-way across the continent from one another) Jim is also known as having been a dog-kinda-guy. Can you say Great Pyrenees and St. Bernard? But this is a new side of him that has emerged in recent years. A cat-guy livin’ in a loft! On the surface, Jim appears rather formidable: it’s just a facade. What you’re really looking at is a sweet he-man kitty-cat!!!

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