Jeremy and all kinds of cats

Jeremy’s friend Hannah submitted some great photos of Jeremy with various cats. According to Hannah, “Jeremy is a very proud cat lover! I believe it is his mission to pet any cat he sees. He can’t help it, they just flock to him like he’s their mother! While he was studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina last summer, he collected an album full of just him petting street cats.” Pictured above is a photo of Jeremy with a friend’s cat in Argentina. More photos after the jump. Jeremy petting a “lovely little guardian of a cemetery” in Argentina

Jeremy petting a local cat on Staten Island.

Jeremy petting his family cat, Claire, with his family dog Lear

Hannah adds, “To him, every cat should get equal love and I think we all can agree on that! Sadly, because he is in college he can’t own a cat right now and misses his cat, Claire, who is back home in Maryland, very much. Hopefully soon he will be in a living situation where he can have his very own.”

No doubt Jeremy will end up adopting lots of cats in his future! spots a bona fide cat man (PS. Jeremy, don’t do what I did and sneak stray cats into your dorm room against the rules…you’ll end up running a miniature cat rescue out of a dorm…)

2 thoughts on “Jeremy and all kinds of cats

  1. BRAVO, Jeremy! ALL men should be so. Really like the “little guardian” photo — what a cutie!

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