Jason and Mini

Jason is a 35 year-old married man and school psychologist who says he has always had cats in his life, usually adopting older unwanted cats from a shelter. “However,” Jason says, “I met Mini when she was a feral kitten roaming around on a farm in North Carolina where I met my wife.  Mini was only 6 months old when she saw my out of state Virgnina tags and decided to adopt me by walking up to me and she climbed on my lap.  We have been great friends ever since.”


4 thoughts on “Jason and Mini

  1. Mini is gorgeous! Thanks to Jason and his family for adopting her and giving her a lifetime of love and good care. And props to Jason for adopting older cats! We love ’em here, too.

  2. i stumbled onto this site after NYT mentioned it. I think it is awesome!!! Real men love kitties!!!

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