Jarad and Hannah

This pair of cuties is Jarad (man) and Hannah (cat). Jarad’s wife, Ginger, says Hannah is 9 years old. She was adopted after her former pet parents decided it was more important to focus on their two dogs and remodeling of their house, banishing Hannah to their basement and neglecting her for over a year, with little human contact. Even after this experience, Hannah jumped into Ginger’s lap when they first met! “One look into those blue eyes and I was hooked,” Ginger says.

Hannah developed an unexpectedly strong bond with Jarad. According to Ginger, “They’re inseparable. She sleeps on his right thigh (always the right!) and is always at his heels.”


6 thoughts on “Jarad and Hannah

  1. I am so happy that she found a good home. I’ll be polite and not say what I think of the previous owners.

  2. …nor will I, Hajnal. Nor will I. And I’m happy and relieved, too. Would that EVERY cat had the lifetime, loving, good home they deserve.

  3. I’m following your comments people, and am happy she is finally being loved and respected. The previous owners recalls me of those who abandon their pet over a divorce, or an “allergy”, or because a baby is coming…
    I won’t say a thing, but if you could read my mind…


  4. Wait, what? “focus on their two dogs?” How much work is a cat compared… OK, never mind, I don’t know the situation so I can not judge but it does seem as though a gateway to bizarro world just closed.

    I’m so glad Hannah found a loving home with a man who loves her.

  5. I don’t have a very high opinion of people who abandon their pets, whatever the purpose may be. A home’s hardly a home after you’ve shooed your pet away, no matter how much you, ahem, “remodel” it.

    You guys deserve Hannah. :->

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