6 thoughts on “How much does your man love your cat?

  1. 1. I am currently manless.
    2. What’s out there, around here, is absolutely not do-able in any way, shape, or form.
    3. Currently accepting hopefuls. They must LOVE cats.

  2. Picked my man because a notorious feral in the neighborhood walked up to him and jumped up on his lap. He immediately called me to pick up a litter box and premium food. I didn’t know that he was a keeper until then.

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  4. My man was nervous for meeting my parents – but while meeting them, it was more important that my/their cats approved him. Humans can be always BSed, cats can’t.
    So for any man/womanless person out there, if you have cats, make sure they approve the person. I’d never be with someone the cats would freak out to be with.

  5. My bf based on the quiz –>


    This guy is a KEEPER. He loves cats, and he isn’t afraid to admit it. He’s a total cat charmer. I bet your friends and family all adore him and he’s well-endowed, extremely intelligent, and good-looking, with a terrific sense of humor. Don’t let him out of your sight!”

    He’s got all positive answers hands down.
    What good have I done to deserve this wonderful, loving guy?..
    But yeah, he just loves our 10 cats more than anything.

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