Greg & Mr. Micawber

This is Greg, taking a nap with his feline friend Mr. Micawber. Greg’s wife, Tasha, says  “Mr. Micawber was a rescued cat in foster care. He stayed in foster care for 4 years; no one wanted him. He had skin allergies and was missing fur and had scabs on his back. When he came to live with us, we changed his diet and gave him a herbal allergy remedy, and now he is doing much better.” She reports that Mr. Micawber is very cute and playful. Greg refers to Mr. Micawber as a “fine fellow” and Mr. M. sleeps with them both every night but really favors Greg!

Isn’t it amazing how a little TLC can often transform an animal that no one wanted – and who might have otherwise been euthanized – into a faithful companion providing many years of joy?


2 thoughts on “Greg & Mr. Micawber

  1. Well, no one ever asked ME. I would want him, absolutely!!! SO GLAD he has a loving, forever home, as every cat should and deserves.

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