Famous Men Who Love Cats: Russell Brand loves his cat, Morrissey

Awww! Who knew that Russell Brand, the rather raunchy British comedian best known in the U.S. for his role in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, loved cats so much? Apparently, he talks about his cat all the time, and Lindsay¬† Lohan tried to get on his good side by sending him a cat –¬† but he said no thanks, because his heart already belongs to his beloved cat Morrissey! And what a cute name for a cat… I love it.


(I’m sorry I don’t know who to credit this photo to – my sister sent it to me, and it’s floating around the web in various places. If anyone knows, feel free to tell me).

13 thoughts on “Famous Men Who Love Cats: Russell Brand loves his cat, Morrissey

  1. YAY! I am sooo smitten with filthy Russell Brand now. It’s not that I am as big a cat lover as you are, but I am a major Morrisey lover. Plus, you know, guys who are sweet with animals is always a lovely thing.

  2. I don’t pay any attention to pop culture so I don’t know this man from Adam, but that’s a great photo — very handsome guy! And his person isn’t bad, either…;)

  3. If he really loves CATS (not only his cat) he could accept the other one cat… Sad for him. It’s better to live whit more than one.

  4. Yes, and if a man loves women, why should he remain faithful to just one? Why do people have to say something negative about a good thing? You cannot save the world. It take maturity to understand that.

  5. Any man that loves cats is such a rarity, and in Russell Brand there is even more rarity: he’s actually funnier than hell! So, for his baby to be able to travel with him and be around is absolutely fantastic for everyone concerned!

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