Famous Men Who Love Cats: Marilyn Manson (Who knew?!)

According to this Page Six tidbit from the New York Post, Marilyn Manson a.) is getting divorced and b.) loves his cats. I did not know about either of these facts before today:

January 9, 2007 — IT’S about to get nasty in the Dita von Teese/Marilyn Manson split. While the oddball couple have no children, they do have several cats, two of which are named Lily and Aleister, and two dachshunds, Greta and Eva. A source friendly with the two says, “They are fighting over custody of the cats – not so much the dogs.” Von Teese, a stunning burlesque dancer and MAC spokeswoman, dumped Manson last week because of his “demons” and hard-drinking ways. She took all the animals with her when she moved out of the house, but apparently, Manson misses the felines most. Von Teese declined comment.

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