Famous Men Who Love Cats: James Franco

Recently, I read somewhere (sorry, I can’t remember exactly where, in some magazine) that the actor James Franco loves cats. Lo and behold, apparently James Franco features cats in many of his videos – this one features him and his brother holding two of their cats at the end. He was also featured in the Chicago Meow blog’s “15 famous cat lovers.”


4 thoughts on “Famous Men Who Love Cats: James Franco

  1. Sounds like they had some pretty lowlife, insensitive, criminal parents; but hey, I guess to some people that’s funny??? They should get some help for that.

    These guys have some beautiful cats, though…

  2. This video is fiercely funny and original! Thank you, Franco Brothers (sounds like a winery – hey, there’s a thought, gents!). I’d like to assist with the label making, if your love of directing and acting ever fade.

    Love your humor and your love of felines. Your mom is a hoot too. I like her children’s books.

    Peace to you.

  3. My niece (9 yrs) acted in a play which required her to cry. Before that i told her about you crying easily when acting because of remembering your beloved dead cat. During the play she really cried remembering her lost kitten. All her friends asked how did she do it. She replied it’s a secret.

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