Doug and Birta

This is the first hairless cat that’s been on Men and Cats! Doug’s wife, Cody, sent in this photo of Doug with her aunt’s cat, Birta, in Iceland. Cody says Birta is always cold “cuz she’s gots no hairs!” Good thing Doug kept her warm inside his shirt.


4 thoughts on “Doug and Birta

  1. That has GOT to be one of the absolute cutest photos I’ve ever seen. BRAVO, Cody, for sharing this with us. OMG, Birta. What a CUTIE.

  2. Beautiful kitty! My hubby and I have two Sphynxes and might be soon getting a third. He is allergic to cats, and the Sphynx has been a great solution, as well as making us a family.

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