Does your cat wear things?

I recently came across these hoodies for cats and my first thought was, Awww, how cute! Immediately followed by, there is no way my cats would EVER wear one of those. I’ve also seen cat neckties for sale on Etsy and other places, and while I love the idea of putting a necktie on my cat for some odd reason, in reality I’d never do it. My cats don’t like to wear anything – not even collars (they are strictly indoor cats and there is no way they could get outside without going through a hallway, an elevator or several doors and several flights of stairs, a lobby, and two doors before getting outside), but back when they were younguns and I tried to put collars on them, they would get out of every single one like little feline Houdinis.

Do you dress up your cat in clothes?

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7 thoughts on “Does your cat wear things?

  1. Wow. It’s such a messed-up society, nothing should surprise me. But it does. CATS come ready-designed with beautiful fur coats (or velvety skin). They do not need to wear clothes. They are not dolls or surrogate children. They are CATS. Appreciate their beauty and their felinity! If you want someone or something to dress, have kids (please don’t — there are far too many people on earth already!) or get a doll.

  2. I agree with what jmuhj said. I have never had any desire, whatsoever, to dress my cats. I grew up with a beautiful Siamese, who looked perfect in her natural coat of cream with dark colorpoints. I currently have two wonderful tabbies, one gray and one red. I love their unique stripes and the texture of their fur. Why on earth would I ever want to cover that up? Frankly, cats’ coats are proof of their superiority to us– we have to dress up to look good, but they come with the beauty already built in! 😉

  3. Dogs, on the other hand – although they too come with beautiful fur, I think some of them actually LIKE wearing things. Especially dogs with thinner coats who have to go outside in the winter. I think they actually like dog sweaters.

  4. Poll could use some kind of “occasionally” or “sometimes” option between “all the time” and “never.” I have put a hat on my cat once or twice just for the cuteness, but it annoyed him so I gave it up. However, later I put a scarf around his neck for medical purposes (stop him scratching where the elizabethan collar couldn’t cover) and it was extremely cute and he didn’t mind so much (perhaps because he had been used to wearing a collar). I would consider putting a scarf on him again for frivolous purposes.

  5. I strongly disagree, I have a Sphynx and he loves to wear clothes. I would never force him to wear them if he didn’t like it – but it’s comforting to him. Especially when it’s cold in our house – it’s better than him staying under the covers all day! He can still play and go to the bathroom with no problem at all…

  6. I think it is a great idea. I have a cat that always goes under my covers when it is cold in my apt. He also likes getting wrapped up in warm blankets. I just checked out the site Cat-toure and they have cool designs. I have to try this out, so my baby can hang out around the apt.

  7. My cats own a neck tie, and yes, they wear it. Except Alix seems to hate it, so last time I had it on Brynn, he jumped her and ripped it off her neck. (Velcro was involved, so no cats were harmed in the making of this story) I don’t make it a regular thing, though. They do have Halloween costumes, though. Every year.

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