David and Tippy

This is David and Tippy. Tippy’s female human, Rachel, says she loves Tippy because she is always at the door to greet her when she comes home. She also says that “Whenever I sit down to read or watch a movie, she always hops on my lap. She sleeps on my back… when I toss and turn in the night, she moves and stays with me.”  This sounds just like another tabby whose name starts with T, my BFF (best feline friend) Thurston! Tippy looks like she likes to get rightupclose to the humans, also just like Thurst!

I think something about the lighting in this photo, the beard, and the wood paneling give this photo a 1970’s feel, don’t you?


2 thoughts on “David and Tippy

  1. Yes, indeedy. And no offense to anyone, but if Rachel ever gets the irresistible urge to part ways with David and Tippy, I know a very nice cat-friendly household that would love to adopt them. 😉

  2. so I finally got to watch the movie Beginners! AND around 1 hour and 7 minutes into the movie you can see David and Tippy’s picture!!

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