“Date My Pet”

Looking for a man with a cat? Or perhaps a woman with a dog? Date My Pet is a website for singles looking for that special someone… with that special furry someone. While your humble webmistress of Menandcats is happily married and has furry pals aplenty, I recommend checking the site out if you’re looking for love from two- and four-legged creatures!

One thought on ““Date My Pet”

  1. Hi, cool blog! Just a note to any cat lovers living on the Algarve. I’ve lived in Portugal for 6 years and normally struggle to find anywhere for my cats to stay if I go back to England to visit friends and family. A friend in Alvor told me about Cock Hill Cattery near Almancil (www.cockhillcattery.com) and I have to say that I’m VERY happy that she did! The proprietor, Jill, really goes out of her way to make your cats comfortable. You could do a lot worse than give her a call if you need somewhere for your babies :)

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