Cooler temps = More feline cuddling

I’m a summer person, and although I enjoy many things about Autumn (pumpkins, apples, and a return to fall knitting come to mind) I don’t like knowing that winter is soon to come. I’m always cold, no matter how many sweaters, scarves, and gloves I layer on and hot beverages I drink.

One thing that I do like about cooler weather, though, is the spike in cat cuddling – as demonstrated by the graph below. There’s a direct inverse proportion between temperature and amount of feline cuddling. When the weather cools, the feline-to-feline and feline-to-human cuddling both increase dramatically, especially on the part of Charley. Normally the more independent one, Charley is drawn to a blanket like a moth to a flame. When I put a blanket on my lap, he will occasionally actually come and sit on me. Both days this past weekend I woke up in bed to find two cats on me.


4 thoughts on “Cooler temps = More feline cuddling

  1. Oh, yeah. It’s the best thing about cold weather. When we lived in a colder climate than this, on snowy or very cold nights I’d get all 10 on the bed with me. Now THAT’s bliss.

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