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We recently began packing up some boxes in anticipation of moving to a new apartment  soon – and as you can see from this photo, Charley is very excited that we’ve made him a pile of boxes to scale (the last time we moved, he managed to find a path, via boxes, to the top of a very high bookshelf where he happily perched all the time). He loves to be as high up as possible. He’s taken to napping on that box and generally perching and hanging out there. I would really love to have some kind of cat ladder for Charley-cat in our new place, but it would have to be relatively unobtrusive; also, since Charley is on the large side and his brother is enormous (although not as much of a climber and not as likely to actually use the cat ladder), I’m concerned about durability. Also, I don’t want to spend a fortune. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions for building or buying some kind of cat ladder? I seem to recall seeing somewhere a few years back instructions for making cat wall perches out of cardboard but I can’t quite recall where I saw it (Readymade or Make magazine, maybe? Could be a great way to recycle all those cardboard boxes after moving!)*

My husband, by the way, says of my obsession with feline furniture: “On the amused-frightened continuum, I am beginning to tip toward the latter.” He doesn’t really mean it, though… I think.**

*Update: The article I was thinking of was from Craft magazine, and I found an archive online. However, now I remember why I never attempted this – it requires a lot of tools that I don’t have.

**Update #2: the husband swears he was not referring towards being frightened of my love for feline furniture, but rather in reaction to some of the items found on this website full of ideas on how to turn IKEA furniture into cat furniture.



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  1. Check out IKEA’s shelving and bookcases. I seem to remember one that would make a perfect cat ladder; it slants out at an angle from the wall, and looks quite stunning, whether as a shelf or as a ladder. And if you can’t find that or don’t opt for it, they have all kinds of shelving that you can easily install with just a power drill/driver. Happy climbing!

  2. Great suggestion – I’m going to look into it. I would have to make sure it would support my cats’ weight, though, since they are so big. I also found some nice cat perches at, although they’re a little pricier. My husband is concerned that our less-coordinated, larger cat might injure himself trying to use a wall perch, so I have to think about that, too.

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