Chris & June

Chris is an English teacher in a small city in China, and found June – an abandoned kitten – on the street three years ago. They have been together ever since, and have already lived in 5 different cities and 6 different apartments, so Chris refers to his cat as “a rambling cat!”

Note: the management of strongly encourages shirtless man and cat photos.

2 thoughts on “Chris & June

  1. Now that is great to see, he moved 5 times but never abandoned his cat! 😀 Thanks a lot Chris!!
    So many people think they can’t take their cat with them and “take the chance/occasion” to leave the cat behind, saying that it would feel disoriented and need to say on its original territory. Sure, cats can hunt but it depends on the cat and if its in a city and even worse during winter…
    I don’t know, it seems weird to me… we took our hamster (+ the dog!!) with us when driving from Belgium to Spain (and back) for holidays.

    Did the management of ever thought of going on Tumblr? It’s quite nice and there is crowd for that. In fact there’s a cuteboyswithcats already, but menandcats gives the story behind it and I love that :-))).

    Long live! 😉

  2. i can’t believe it!!! i gonna cry!!! one of my cats called “juni” was white like this one… and died the last year… Chris please give a big kiss to june from a spanish cat lover x)))

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