My husband loves to point out neologisms to me, and recently came up with a good one of his own.

Charley, our always peppy tuxedo cat, likes to run around chattering (this sounds something like “meowmeowmeow, meow mow mrrr mow mow mrr meow” – maybe I’ll attempt to get an audio recording at some point and post it), and occasionally he will let out a caterwaul (usually in the middle of the night). The other day, he seemed to be especially chatty AND caterwaul-y, and my husband said to him, “Charley, stop chatterwauling.”  Voila! A neologism.

3 thoughts on “Chatterwauling

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  2. I have a tuxedo cat. He has the loudest & most varied vocalisations of any cat I’ve ever heard. My mother came to visit me once after I first got him and he nearly gave her a stroke “chatterwauling” in her room in the dark of night. He still startles us sometimes when we’re not expecting him to say something particularly ear splitting. He’s a great cat, too! Love your blog. Thanks. :)

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