Cat News – Cat Gives Birth to…. Puppies?!

This one is all over the news and the ‘net: A cat in Brazil allegedly mated with a dog and gave birth to a litter of part kittens, part puppies. I think there’s got to be a hoax here, especially since these days you can’t believe your eyes when it comes to photos. Nevertheless, presents you with a picture of the supposed offspring of this canine-feline union.


One thought on “Cat News – Cat Gives Birth to…. Puppies?!

  1. absolutly impossible , look at the size of thoughs pups , impossilbe for a cat to give birth to pup of that size . if it possible the pups would have to be a very very small breed of dog such as the chiwahwah . the fact is the mothering instinct of the cat was to take on the adandoned pups of a dog cos she lost the 3 kittens from her litter

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