Cat loving men get the girls

This user-submitted update comes from Cats Protection in the UK. I am sure women (and men) in the U.S. also appreciate cat-loving men!

From Cats Protection:

We thought you would be interested to see the results of our research at UK feline charity Cats Protection. The research found that women think cat-loving men possess many qualities they find attractive when looking for love so men who want to improve their chances with the ladies should consider palling up with a feline friend to help attract a partner.

The research found that six in 10 women across the UK think men who own cats are more caring, making them more appealing as a partner. And far from being seen as wimpy, cat ownership appears to be a manly quality as just 27% of women think cat-owning men are soppy.

The research also found that:

• 48% of women think having a cat enhances human relationships
• 42% of women think men who own cats are more loving and 44% think men who own cats are kinder
• Amongst both men and women, the middle-aged (45-54 year olds) are more likely to see the benefit of cat ownership in a relationship with 50% believing a cat in the house improves relationships

Men (or women) wishing to adopt a cat can visit the charity’s website at or call the charity’s helpline on 03000 12 12 12 to find out more.

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