Cat-loving man of the week: Ken Wahl

According to USA Today, Ken Wahl, “an award-winning Hollywood actor is joining the effort to find whoever glued a cat to a southern Minnesota highway last month.” He will be donating his Golden Globe (won in 1990) to the existing reward fund to go to the person who turns in the cat abuser. USA Today quotes Wahl as saying that “his heart belongs to his main love, Sweetest, a rescue cat from the Stray Cat Alliance.”

What a guy!

5 thoughts on “Cat-loving man of the week: Ken Wahl

  1. A guy with a heart… I like that. :-))) It’s unfortunately so rare.

    It’s nice to see Ken Whal investing himself into something like that. I’ve seen the show he was in years ago, it was nice. I hope he’s okay. :-)
    Thank you Ken for being nice to a cat. Some just have fun at torturing them… :-(((

    *sigh* Humanity: what’s the definition to that word again…?

  2. There is a special place in Hell for that cat killer. I hope they cactch him. At least the cat is in Heaven with all of his long lost cat buddies.

  3. I hope they catch these b__st__ds You are a good guy to care. there is so nuch cruelty going on. it makes you wonder where humanity is going? i never saw your shows but wish you well.

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