Cat-Loving Man of the Week: James R. Richards


Whew, after a little domain hiccup, is back.

Check out this Gawker post about a man who loved cats who sadly died while swerving to avoid a cat. From his NY Times obituary: “Dr. James R. Richards, a prominent veterinarian who was a recognized authority on cat care, died on Tuesday in Johnson City, N.Y. He was 58 and lived in Dryden, N.Y. Dr. Richards died of injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident on Sunday. According to Sgt. Kelly Daley of the New York State Police, he was thrown from his motorcycle after he tried without success to avoid hitting a cat that had run into the road.” It sounded like this man really loved cats – he was the director of the Feline Health Center of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, he wrote a book on cats, lectured about cats, and of course, he was the “animal manager” of a cat himself. And his cat has the cutest name ever: Dr. Mew.

Dr. Richards is the official Cat-Loving Man of the week. salutes him for all he has done for the feline kingdom.

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