Cat-Loving Man of the Week

This week’s Cat-Loving Man of the Week award goes to paramedic Lee Rayburn. He helped save the life of a cat who was trapped in a burning home in Knoxville. Rayburn and other paramedics gave oxygen to a cat named Zoey – she survived, although there was so much smoke that her white fur turned grey. Zoey is currently at an animal clinic and is in an incubator after receiving anti-inflammatory drugs and oxygen therapy.
Lee Rayburn, we salute you and your colleagues for going the extra mile for a cat in need.

One thought on “Cat-Loving Man of the Week

  1. We have an orange taby kitten that has a lung problem and I am trying to find an incubator and oxygen for him. About once a week he has bad attacks and fights for air. He breaths hard has a squeek to his breathing and purring and his growth has been stunted. We call him Scrubby and want him to make it, so I am trying to get or make an incubator for him. He is such a lovable cat and loves to lay on my shoulder when I am home. Also we may consider finding him a carring home closser to sea leval, we are at 4,000 feet in Klamath Falls, OR so if you are that cat lover at lower altitude please let us know. Or if someone has an incubator and Oxygen tank to donate please call me at 541=810=0990

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