California Bookstore Cats

Although I don’t live in California (sometimes I sure wish I did!), this is a great roundup, complete with a handy chart, of bookstore cats in Northern California.

As the article says, “A bookstore cat is a shop’s mascot and keeper, equally adept at charming customers and, when the lights go out, chasing away rodents. And so let us celebrate these furry souls – hopefully not an endangered species! – as more and more readers get their books delivered in shrink-wrapped packages from out-of-state corporate behemoths, or transmitted, in blips, to hand-held devices no cat would ever want to cuddle up to.”


One thought on “California Bookstore Cats

  1. Ah, bookstore cats! There are several I have fond memories of, here in southern Cali. There were also two very prosperous — and deservedly famous — felines resident at the shop where I used to buy business machines and supplies. Those were the days.

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