Caboodle Ranch

A couple of alert readers have tipped me off to the Caboodle Ranch in Florida. Craig Grant takes care of over 500 cats who had been previously abused or neglected. The cats taken in by Craig are fixed, vaccinated, and of course, fed and given plenty of affection! The cats get to roam around in the sanctuary on 100+ acres, complete with trails and cat perches everywhere. Now that’s a dedicated cat man!!


Craig and one of his many cats, from the Caboodle Ranch website.

7 thoughts on “Caboodle Ranch

  1. What a great thing to do. Thank you! I wish I could visit…sounds like a fun place!

  2. Yeah me too (wish I could visit), but being on another continent doesn’t help :p. It’s a great thing there are dedicated people like him in this world. And frankly we need a lot lot more. It’s so much for a single man to do. It’s such a fight, takes moral energy.

    I love one of the product that’s being sold to raise money for the ranch, it’s a t-shirt that gently mocks the “crazy cat lady” and says “At last… A crazy cat man!” ;-p Very cute. ^^

  3. Yeah! I live near this place and heard about it in the local paper last year. He has shelters built for the cats, some that are heated and he has separate spaces for cats that are terminally sick so that they can still be cared for. I wish there were more cat ranches.

  4. I try to “advertise”/spread the word about the ranch and Craig wherever I go and to whomever I encounter. I think the local news channels and even CNN and other network news should run a human interest story about this wonderful human…IF only there were more people like him in the World..The animals NEVER get enough help…no matter what happens in the World..I say: Animals Rule! Let’s all go out and get this fellow donations, etc., so he can keep up his wonderful work..The only good news these days. Sally…

  5. The only kind of man I could ever love. He’s the best . I would love to have my own animal sanctuary.

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