Bikers rescue cats

And by bikers, I mean motorcycle riders, not cyclists!

 A group of tattooed bikers rescued 180 stranded kittens yesterday afternoon, as part of their ‘in your face’ approach to animal rights activism. They call themselves Rescue Ink. The cats were all living in a single house in Moriches, New York, that is currently facing foreclosure. When the bikers heard about the soon-to-be homeless cats, they rushed to the scene. Today they begin the task of rescuing and rehabilitating the 180 felines, a job that will take about a week.


3 thoughts on “Bikers rescue cats

  1. LOVE these guys. I’m not a bikerphile by nature, and I run from tats. But these guys are MY HEROES!!!

  2. I love tats, I like my women with full sleeves baybee! And get along real well with bikers as a general rule… and this is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

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