Appalled, Yet Flattered

Oh, Charley. As I’ve mentioned before, you chew on everything. Phone chargers, lamp cords, computer power cords, you chew on it. But now you’ve managed to chew on two new things, in one day! First your favorite human (my husband) noticed that you chewed on the shower liner. And then I noticed that you chewed on the chair that I sit in when I eat at our dining table. Thanks a lot, Charley – little kitty bite marks in the one nice chair I own. Sigh. On the other hand, I guess I’m kind of flattered that you are expressing your displeasure with me by chewing everything in sight, and specifically chewing the chair you know I sit in. I know, I know, I’ve been home a lot more over the last few months, and suddenly I’ve disappeared again for a long time every day! This, Charley, is because I have to do something called “work” at a “job” – I know, a foreign concept to you. But I promise you, I have not abandoned you. You usually only love your cat-dad, though, and not me… so I am kind of flattered that you miss me. I still love you, you crazy chewing maniac cat. Always. I promise.



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