A quick shout-out to Tom Cox

I wanted to point out that Menandcats.com favorite Tom Cox has a great article in the Guardian about how much he loves his cats, even as more people are abandoning their pets (up 57% in the UK). Tom would never abandon his cats. He is an unabashed cat man with six cats!


3 thoughts on “A quick shout-out to Tom Cox

  1. MenandCats is up on my homepage and I wouldn’t THINK of missing an installment.

    And as for anyone who would even entertain the notion of abandoning a cat, I’d go with capital punishment. And yes, I’m absolutely serious.

  2. That’s awesome. I always feel like the floor’s dropped out from under me when I encounter the popular notion that one or two cats is okay but five or more cats makes you a freaky weirdo, because my dream house would have at least five for starters.

  3. I love the fact that in that picture the grey cat is totally hocking up a hairball. Ah, cats!

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