A movie full of cat-loving men

Recently, my husband I saw the movie Get Him to the Greek, and I feel compelled to point out that the movie is full of cat-loving men! Not that the movie features cats or men loving cats in any way, but the star of the movie is noted ailurophile Russell Brand, and it also has a cameo by everyone’s favorite economist/cat-lover, Paul Krugman. But what about the movie’s other star, Jonah Hill? Well, I think this video of him frolicking with kittens proves he’s a cat-lover, too!

So, Menandcats.com gives this film two paws up for 1.) being very funny and highly entertaining and 2.) featuring several famous men who love cats!

One thought on “A movie full of cat-loving men

  1. That endorsement is almost enough to get me to go see the film (but not quite — I’m a NETFLIX fan).

    Love this video. Is this guy single? (But please, Mr. Whiskers, invest in some switchplate covers. I’ve got some really nice used ones I can sell you cheap.)

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