A man who got a little TOO worked up about his cat

The Associated Press is reporting that the police in Dallas, TX are on the lookout for a man who “took his gray and blue short-haired cat from the Dallas Animal Shelter while fending off employees with a baseball bat.” According to the shelter manager, the man – who found his cat in the shelter after the feline had been brought in by someone who thought it was a stray – was unwilling to pay a $132 fee required to claim his cat, got upset and left. He later returned to the shelter, loaded his cat into a carrier, and then started threatening shelter employees with a baseball bat, “nearly running over two shelter employees” when leaving in his car. The police have a lead, though – apparently the man signed his name in the shelter’s guest book before taking off with his cat.

7 thoughts on “A man who got a little TOO worked up about his cat

  1. Well, a person should not have to pay extortion to get his cat back. He should, of course, keep his cat indoors only, for his cat’s safety! And the “someone who thought ‘it’ (sic) was a stray” might want to rethink turning a cat in after this.

  2. awwww..he must love his cat so much!!! and the cat must be very flattered with his “Hero” 😉

  3. Yeah, I’m not agreeing with his methods, but he should not have to pay for someone else’s mistake, however well intentioned.

    And really. I think it’s appalling that the shelter would not return someone’s pet to them like that. I would have been very upset, too. I know the shelters desperately need money but still. That was cruel.

  4. I think that I might crack heads too if someone was holding my kitty hostage. Although I have to say that is why our fur kid stays in the house. Also I would be happy to pay $132 or $532 to get my kid back if someone found her outside and turned her into the pound. Its always a good idea to have a tag with your owner id so that your cat can be recovered if it does sneak outside.

  5. Well, first of all, did the guy have any proof that the cat was his? For the safety of the animals, shelters can’t just give an animal to whoever walks in and says its theirs.

    Also, cats can be tricky little guys. Its possible he keeps his cat in and he just snuck out one day. Chances are that if a cat is friendly enough to come up to humans stuff, its not a stray.

    But woo boy! Don’t get between a man and his cat! Lol

  6. “A man who got a little TOO worked up about his cat?”

    I’m sorry. That’s just not possible.

  7. I live in Dallas and saw this on the local news. The cat had a collar on! The neighbor should not have turned it in.

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