Another Insane Devotion

Another insane devotion

I just finished reading the book Another Insane Devotion by Peter Trachtenberg.

I read the review of this book in the New York Times Sunday Book Review and knew I had to read it. It’s a lovely nonfiction book about the author’s relationships with his cats and his wife. During the course of the book, cats come in and out of his life; love waxes and wanes; and the author questions at times why he’s so devoted to these loves of his lives.

It’s a beautiful, and at times, melancholy, book on the nature of love of both human and beast. Anyone who’s ever experienced a devotion to a cat should read it. Men and Cats gives it two paws up.



I MUST get this calendar featuring naked men and cats!! It’s called Six Packs, Nine Lives and best of all, it raises money for the Found Animals Foundation, an organization dedicated to minimizing shelter euthanasia. Since Men and Cats didn’t create a calendar this year (too busy with all the human and feline guys in my life!) I will fully endorse this one!



CATching up

Sorry for the slow posting lately, folks. I obviously have some CATching up to do.

I’ve been really busy taking care of my little cat-loving guy, and being a working mom. The little one is very amused by watching the cats. He loves to watch them scurry by, and he’s been petting the cats with help from mommy and daddy. The cats don’t mind a bit.

Also, nearly every day on my walk to the subway, I walk by two houses next to each other where I’ve spotted cats (either in the windowsill or outside) in the past. Each day I look for a cat. I hadn’t seen one in months. The other day I said to myself, “This is ridiculous, you make sure to cross the street just so you MIGHT see a cat, when you’ve got two cats at home… you see cats all the time, who cares if you see a random cat…” Then I saw one of the cats. And I was delighted. And I decided that what I’m doing when looking for cats in windows is… conducting a cat scan.


Finally, hot dudes with kittens! What else do I need to say? Just watch it.


Joey & Lilly reader Melissa submitted this pic of her partner Joey with their “little baby” Lilly Potter. Melissa says, “We saved her from going to the local pound about a year ago and she has been the apple in her father’s eyes… I have many many photos of Joey and Lilly, but I thought this was best suited as their debut!”