Little cat-loving man

It should come as no surprise that my three-and-a-half year-old son is a little cat lover. He now worries about every stray cat he sees and wants to adopt them all. There are some feral cats near our train station (they get fed by the locals and I see them regularly peeking out of the greenery, eating cans of food). Just this morning my son said to me, “Mommy! That cat is lonely! He needs a family!” The other day he randomly told me, “I miss Miranda.” (Miranda is his friend’s cat). And he asked me, “Can we get a friend for Charley?” What do you think? Does my elderly, now brother-less tuxedo cat need a new kitty friend? Our vet recommended we get a male kitten if we decide to adopt another cat, and I would really like to adopt an all-black cat, since I have heard they get adopted less due to silly superstitions and whatnot.

Cat Yoga

When I received an e-mail with the subject “Cat Yoga on VICE” I forwarded it to my husband, saying “I like that I got an email with the subject ‘cat yoga’ in it – I was kind of like, why have I never before now received an email with the subject ‘cat yoga’? Seems so natural.”

Anyway, apparently the folks at Vice are doing a whole series on cats and… I dunno, cats on the Internet or something? Here’s the video. I also realized I know one of the people interviewed in the video, since I went to college with her. Hello Amy, if you happen to read this, and I’m glad to see we both appreciate funny cats.


I MUST get this calendar featuring naked men and cats!! It’s called Six Packs, Nine Lives and best of all, it raises money for the Found Animals Foundation, an organization dedicated to minimizing shelter euthanasia. Since Men and Cats didn’t create a calendar this year (too busy with all the human and feline guys in my life!) I will fully endorse this one!



Feline adjustment

A lot of people have asked me how my cats are adjusting to the new little man of the household. Since they are the best cats in the world, Charley and Thurston are adjusting fine so far. There have been a few changes, of course, but the cats are doing just great and so is the baby. With the help of daddy, our little guy even pet Charley this morning!