Jim and Petunia

Thank you to Men and Cats reader Kristi, who submitted this post on her man-cat combo Jim and Petunia. They look so cozy together!


“This is my husband Jim and our cat, Petunia, who came to us as a stray. I think it’s fair to say she worships him! And, he loves her right back. Every night they have this ritual of snuggling before bed. It’s adorable.”

Matt and cat 


This is my friend Matt and his brand-new kitten – so new he doesn’t even have a name yet. Some ideas for the name are: Kit-Kat, Oreo, Jack, Vader (can you tell some of these came from a 5 year old?) and Plato.  

Ryan and Icarus


This user-submitted post comes from Ryan. I absolutely love the name he gave his cat, Icarus, and his reasoning behind it. I can relate because my cats used to be fetchers and climbers in their younger years!

RyanIcarusIcarus was adopted a few months ago from a PetsMart in Sacramento. He is so named because the first thing he did upon being let out of his box was attempt to climb onto the stove, ascending to a dangerous height like his Greek namesake.

He plays fetch and is fond of dropping his toy on my face several times a day.

I like this picture because even though (or because) it’s blurry, I look happy, and I am wearing my best shirt.

Harry and Framboise

This man-cat combo is Harry (human) and Framboise* (cat – although, really, that seems kind of obvious…)

Harry’s fiance sent in these photos. She says Framboise is the “other love” of Harry’s life. Framboise is a Siamese cross, and “she is French, he is English. We moved to France for his job; he is a professional rugby player and signed for a French team,  then having moved to France he adopted a tiny kitten who took over his heart!”  All I can say is, I hope the other members of the rugby team send in photos of themselves with their cats.

*Is this not the best cat name? I gave my cats people-style names, but this is so cute and charming, and appropriate for a French cat. I believe it translates to “raspberry.”

Harry Framboise1

Harry Framboise2