Metal Cats

metalcatsStop whatever you’re doing right now and buy Metal Cats by Alexandra Crockett. OK, read this first and then buy it. The book features original photos of men who are musicians who play heavy metal (including members of the bands Black Goat, Thrones, Isis, Lightning Swords of Death, Book of Black Earth, Skarp, Harassor, Akimbo, Aldebaran, Atriarch, Oak, Ghoul, Ludicra, Holy Grail, Xasthur, Cattle Decapitation, Murder Construct, Exhumed, Morbid Angel, Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch, Gypsyhawk, Nausea, Phobia, and Napalm Death) and love cats. Men and Cats was lucky enough to talk to Alexandra about her book.

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The Colonel

My husband was watching “Morning Joe” this morning while I was getting dressed, and he ran over to me to tell me the most important item of the morning from the show. Namely, that Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough has a cat, The Colonel, who visited the set. The Colonel (great name) is a grey kitty, and is very cute. Now I know I can add Joe Scarborough to my list of famous men who love cats!