Bookstore cat in NY needs a home

According to Gothamist, the long-time store cat from Manhattan’s Skyline Books needs a new home, as they are is closing up shop at the end of this month (after being in business for about 20 years) and the owner has other pets at home that she believes won’t get along with the eight year-old bookstore cat, Linda. Update: The owner of Skyline says he’s taking the cat home with him. Unfortunately, I also must report that my favorite Brooklyn bookstore with a cat, Bookcourt, no longer has their resident store cat around. He developed some behavioral issues and it was decided he’d be happiest in a home and not a store. Oh well, they must do what’s best for the cat and their customers!

And Boris lived happily ever after

Faithful readers may recall some time ago that I put out a call to Save Boris – the famous cat who’d been featured in the New York Times – and that my friend Dave happily took Boris in. In today’s NY Times “The Hunt” column “Where are they now?” the fate of Boris is revealed to the world (although there is no mention of’s role in securing a new home for Boris, perhaps because the Times has already covered the Men and Cats phenomenon):

[Boris] landed in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with Dave Sargent, 34, an art handler who wanted a playmate for his cat, Shouyu. Like Boris, Shouyu has cowlike black-and-white markings, though his nose has a blaze, not a heart.

Boris, all 20 shy pounds of him, spent his first weeks cowering beneath the sheets, Mr. Sargent said. But now, the cats happily play and wrestle. Boris spoons with Mr. Sargent at night.

Ms. Davis intended to reclaim Boris after the six-month wait, but realized that another move would be tough on such a creature of habit. After Maxine’s birth, she feared that Boris, unintentionally provoked, might swat at the baby. Meanwhile, Mr. Sargent grew increasingly attached to the cat.

Ms. Davis and Mr. Sargent were reluctant to divulge their sentiments to each other. But now that they have, they’ve agreed that Boris will remain in his Greenpoint home.

“It made me teary” to know Boris is so happily settled, Ms. Davis said.

“I couldn’t imagine him not being here,” Mr. Sargent said. “He is such an important part of my family now.”

Who wants some Halloween kitties?!

My friend Todd and his girlfriend recently rescued a stray cat – who happened to be pregnant. They thought a local shelter would take the kittens, but they were told the shelter couldn’t help them due to a super-long waiting list. Todd says, “We’re keeping the mom but scrambling now to give away the kittens – there’s 3 black ones and 2 orange ones.  They’re about a month and a half old and just ready now to leave their mom and go to their new homes.” Black and orange – perfect for Halloween! These cats are currently in Brooklyn, NY. If you think you can adopt one or more of these little cuties, contact me at janine at men and cats dot com and I will pass along your contact information to Todd and have him get in touch with you directly.


Help find Gwendoline a home!

Let’s see if we can continue with our success of finding homes for cats who need them after saving Boris! Gwendoline, a cat currently residing in New York City, needs a new home. Her owner, Jessica, has the opportunity to relocate to Africa for her dream job of a socially responsible trade company. How cool is that? There is just one hitch: Gwendoline needs a new place to live! Understandably, Jessica doesn’t want to give Gwendoline to a shelter where she won’t know what the fate of her beloved cat might be. Jessica says Gwendoline is 10 years old, and “the sweetest cat I have ever known.  Sensitive and
smart, she has never had one medical issue of personality issue.  She has all of her claws and I trained her to scratch on exposed brick, however if her front claws are kept trim she does not scratch on anything.  She is medium haired, tortoise colored coat with green eyes.  She has a favorite toy, a bean bag rat that she tosses up in the air, talks to and caries around the house.  She eats laying down and scoops one kernel of food into her mouth at a time.  When I wake she comes straight up to me and stokes my face with her paw.  Every day starts with her delicate nature.”

If you can adopt the super-cute Gwendoline, or know someone who can, please contact me at janine at menandcats dot com, and I will put you in touch with Jessica.